Day 6: Leeds and CSI Lecture

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We had an early start to the day and had a very small lecture from Professor Tony from Leeds Trinity University at our hotel. He spoke a little about some cases he had been a part of and even spoke about some rape cases for us in group one who had the topic of rape. He spoke about a case where one man lied about being abused and raped by men from politics but in the end it came out that it was all a lie after the politicians were going to be convicted. Afterward, we took the train to a CSI lecture. Let me tell you that experience was the most boring thing we had. The speakers were nice, but they mostly talked about their jobs and accomplishments. I felt bad because I was falling asleep. When we had 30 minutes left during our CSI visit we did a very small hands-on activity, but it was cut short because we had to leave. During the activity, however, our most important lesson was the power of observation. The rest of the day went smoothly except for when me and Stephanie got lost going back to the hotel and in the end, we ended up eating at a Caribbean cuisine restaurant. The ribs that I ordered were very tasty but extremely spicy. The pineapple slices contradicted the spice, however. Around 9 am we got an Uber back to the hotel. Nothing remarkable happened that day.