Day 5: Crown Court & Leeds

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This was the day we had to dress professionally. We made our way to the crown court early in the morning and sat through a couple of cases. My group saw a case where the man had kept driving when asked by police to stop the car and endangering the other passengers in his car. He only got his driver’s license taken from him for 2 years and then he would have to retake his driver’s test in order to get his license back. The last case had to do with stalking. The defendant seemed to deny such claims from his ex but since his ex-girlfriend was pregnant with his child, he got a mild sentencing meaning he had served his time, was going to be released and a restraining order was to be put in place. He could not see his child without supervision. I thought that the judge went easy on him since according to the victim, the defendant had threatened her life and the life of her other child and his life as well. It really showed how they don’t take women’s clams so seriously. We were on a tight schedule since we had to catch our train with our luggage since we were leaving Derby and going to a hotel in Leeds. The train ride was uneventful. After we left our bags in our rooms, some of us went out into the town square, being guided by Becky. We split off into our little groups and It was just Stephanie and me since Erika had stayed back at the hotel. We went to Tk Maxx which is the same store that we have here in the States but with one letter changed, TJ Maxx. I bought a suitcase since a lot of my items didn’t fit and Stephanie and I made our way to have Dinner with our professors. Our original restaurant was for reservations only but luckily next door there was this beautiful Asian restaurant, The Ivy Asia. The inside was so gorgeous and the upstairs was even more amazing. It was a feast for the eyes and stomach. I had a great time chatting and having dinner with the professors. I had the bbq pork chops and they were to die for. For dessert I had the Sake barrel, which was a vanilla crème brulle, it was the best crème brulle I’ve ever had.