Day 2: Chatsworth House

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I had only slept less than an hour by the time it was one am in the morning. Everyone else on the plane was asleep and I wasn’t feeling well. I had a migraine and the airplane pressure wasn’t great for my body for multiple hours. I decided to distract myself by watching a Tv show called The Last of Us. I had started it months ago but never finished it so I decided it was as good a time as any to start it. The time of arrival in Derby was fast approaching and people were starting to wake up. We landed and I was finally happy to touch the ground. At the airport in Derby, Our guide was waiting for us, her name was Becky. Becky informed us that we had to wait for our couch outside and to buy some snacks before our trip. As soon as I stepped outside, I noticed how wrong people were about England. Everyone I spoke to told me that this time of year England was very hot. Oh, how they were so extremely wrong. I was getting scared because I had not packed any clothes for cold weather but instead for hot weather. After buying some lunch and snacks, we waited for our couch in the freezing cold. It was so cold that you could see the breath of someone every time they exhaled. We were informed that there was a change of planes and we were going to be going to Chatsworth House as soon as the coach got to the airport to pick us up. A lot of us were exhausted but we powered through to Chatsworth House. One of the highlights of my trip was Chatsworth House. I loved every exhausting second of the exploration Stephanie, Erika and I did during our visit that day. We first did the main house, where we saw the many art pieces and beautiful murals. We also entered the quarters of the room that was made for when the king would visit but unfortunately was not used by that king during that time but was later used by his ancestor. We also got a glimpse of a door with a violin behind another door. I thought it was real but it turned out to be another painting. We made our way through the house even more and entered the library. There were hundreds of books, and the staff told us how knowledge was a weapon and a sign of power at the time. It also showed how they appreciated knowledge. We also learned that the women of the house even employees knew how to read. We passed the room with serval statues that amazed me and passed the gift shop. I think I spent way too much during our visit to their gift shop, buying things like a tote bag, a magnetic bookmark with the same pattern as the tote bag, and a couple of postcards of my favorite paintings and statues. My favorite parts were the lion statues that stood before the gift shop on the inside of the house, especially the sleeping one. We kept walking the grounds, we walked the gardens, and even went as far as we could walk. It was such a beautiful place and I hope that one day I can visit it again. We headed straight to our hotel after leaving Chatsworth House. Our first hotel was the Cathedral Quarter Hotel. It was such a pretty and quaint hotel, near the square. We had a couple of hours of free time after getting our rooms. A couple of the girls and I went out to eat at Pizza Express. I got the Fettuccine with bacon and a passion fruit drink. I truly enjoyed my first actual day in Derby.