Day 14: Homesick in Tokyo

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So once I return to Kyoto, I will be making a blog about my whole stay in Tokyo! But for now, I’ll be talking about being homesick.

Once I went to bed in my room in Tokyo and tried to sleep, a wave of depression hit me. I don’t think I have ever missed my mom so much in my whole life.

I guess I’m not necessarily homesick for my home country; but I am homesick for my loved ones. I really do enjoy the company of my peers, but I’m barely getting to know them as friends, I miss my close friends back home that I have known since childhood.

I cried a little but while in bed, but I tried to hold back my tears so I wouldn’t wake up my new friends that I am sharing a room with.

I remember I was starting to think to myself how much I wanted to go home while all this was happening. But once I went to explore the city, I didn’t want to leave anymore.

Hopefully my waves of depression caused by being homesick will eventually go away. I already have a feeling it won’t, and it might even get worse.

We’ll see what happens.