Day 11: JR Pass

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Today was just another casual class day.

I woke up later than usual due to not being able to fall asleep at night. Then I made my way to class after eating some leftover food I cooked.

After class I took the bus back home to meet up with my group of friends that will be coming to Tokyo with me this Saturday.

We all agreed to go to the train station to set up our JR passes to become activated on the Saturday that we leave. This process was quick and easy; I just had to write my name down, a date, and put my signature, and I was done! I got my pass!

After doing that we walked around different stores and explored a different side of Kyoto that we haven’t seen before. We primarily stayed in this one large department store with over 5 floors. I got some face cleanser there since I ran out.

Afterwards, we all went home and I just spent my night relaxing and studying for my first test tomorrow.

Anyway, back to studying; until next time!