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This past week I went on a bike trip to CopenHill. I loved the bike ride to CopenHill, as I got further from the city center there was definitely a change in scenery. I find it really inspiring and sustainably friendly how the power plant uses a waste to energy system by using rubbish and smoke rings. The view at the top of the chimney was stunning. Usually, people do not want to live near a power plant due to the toxic fumes, but this is not the case with CopenHill. It is positioned near many homes and neighborhoods because it is kept so very clean which makes it so that people do not mind living nearby. Also, it was very exciting to see all of the fun activities available at CopenHill. There are so many diverse and creative activities offered at this power plant such as: rock climbing, grassy slopes, cafe, and the top of the power plant turns into a bar/club at night time. This is definitely different from the power plants in the United States of America. It is impressive that CopenHill provides enough energy for 80,000 homes in Copenhagen. I was also told by a local that the Danes do not produce enough trash to allow CopenHill to work to its best capacity. Overall, the bike ride trip there and back was extremely beautiful. I also highly recommend stopping by Reffen which is a street food market and is not far from CopenHill. I enjoyed some amazing meatballs and toast afterwards for lunch. Visiting this power plant was an eye opener for a new and improved way humans could turn their trash into electricity and I would love to take a few of the things I learned about CopenHill back with me to the USA.