Community Visit to Lao Noi Village

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June 21, 2017

During my second week in Khon Kaen, we went to a small village called Lao Noi. It was a small village with just eighty-one households and three hundred and fifty-two people. This is small compared to other villages around Lao Noi. This is the village that our class will be doing research in. When we first arrived at the village, the villagers (along with our host family) were all gathered to welcome us. I was really touched by this. In addition, as we were mapping the village for our research, the members came together and offered their bikes for us to use.

One thing that I found interesting is that the community grows lemongrass on the side of the road to absorb the water in order to avoid the mosquitos. Since we were there to do our research, we learned about the health conditions there as well.According to the Village Health Volunteer (VHV), out of the three hundred and fifty-two people, there are twenty-two people who have diabetes and seven people who have hypertension.

We also gather information about the history of the village as well. We learned that the village was founded in 1907 and they named the village after five years. Moreover, we learned that the village had electricity for the first time in 1978. Afterward, we all had dinner together and it was nice being all together. Overall, it was a great community visit.

Bike riding with the community members.