Christmas (& Exam) Season

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Exam Season! 

’Tis the Holidays Season! And exam season. I’m having mixed feelings really… with roughly 30+ pages of paper due somewhere between December 5th and January 2nd. What’s scarier is that 100% of my grades for the fall semester will come from these term papers- it’s so crazy to think that we don’t have any required homework assignments, in-class participation points, extra credit, and etcetera. But I guess a good thing is that they do retake oral exams and papers. So if you are completely clueless and fail terribly on the first exam, you have another shot (in most cases, two). An interesting (and good) thing is that if you fail your first exam and pass the second one- no one will even know that you failed to begin with. Except your professors, of course. All in all, I like the system but it makes me feel a bit anxious. What if I get a B- and am not happy with the results but the grade I got doesn’t qualify for a retake? And my friend, Bob, failed completely but got an A+ on his retake? Not sure if this is how it works, so don’t take my word for it! Maybe there’s a ceiling on what grade you can get on a retake? Well, I am not going to fail a class to figure out further details but you get the picture. Their school system is so different from ours. Their grading is also different, it’s a point scale that ranges from 12 to -3. -3 meaning that you’ve done really poorly- enough that they put a negative in front of your score… Something my non-Danish friends and I often joke about ;)

Aside from school, I haven’t been up to much- mostly because I barely have anytime for anything else. But the other day, I had dinner with a friend and we went to Tivoli! You’ve probably seen a few pictures of Tivoli before in my previous posts. But these pictures will be so so much better! Tivoli during Christmas is so magical!





Danes do go all out with their Christmas decorations and I love it! There are Christmas lights EVERYWHERE I go. For example, there are lights on the trees in the park nearby my place, how random is that… There are also (a lot of) Christmas lights in the supermarket / mall across from where I live. There are Christmas lights and decorations in the Strøget outdoor shopping areas- heck, the other day they even had fake snows and a real life Santa Claus in a snow globe in the middle of the outdoor mall.

Decorations on a shopping call called Magasin.


Outdoor Mall, Strøget.


Christmas Market!! Not sure if I have already posted this here.


Park by my dorm :)