Chinese New Year

Read all the exciting things our scholars have been up to!

I decided to jump on the intercity train to Guangzhou to celebrate Chinese New Years with my uncle. I arrived at the Hung Home station at 7:49AM well prepared for the 9:24AM train. In this time of the year where everyone is going Mainland, it should be consider high season. 

My uncle, his worker and I went to a flower market in Beijing road. It was packed, but I got to appreciate the atmosphere. There were lots of flowers! 

We also went to Tianhe Mall to shop. Tianhe district is a higher end district. Nearby was another flower market, but we didn’t go in because there were too many people.

Tuanyuan dinner. At the end of the year, people have the traditional to eat the best food to end the year. My uncle brought me to the market, and bought almost a weeks woryh of fiod for one dinner! Our family cooked a vegetarian dish, chicken, coconut black chicken soup, and fish. 

The night before New Year, families cone together to eat Tuanyuan dinner.

The taohua trees are decorated with red envelopes.

This year's Chinese New Years collides with Valentine's day.