Chilly in Chile!

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My first week abroad in Santiago, Chile has come to an abrupt ending; time is moving very fast! I am proud to report my ongoing improvement in Spanish – qualified by my recent ability to finally communicate with my host family. They have been wonderful so far and have shown me nothing but  love and affection.

The view from outside my host home that I wake up to every morning!

Furthermore, I ventured even more out of my comfort zone this past weekend (it was apparently the only 3-day weekend of my trip, hence the felt necessity to act quickly). I had the breath-taking experience of traveling with my program cohort to the Andes Mountains and having a 3-day Ski extravaganza. It marks my first time skiing ever; well, technically I snowboarded while most others skied, but nevertheless I had never done anything like it. Fortunately, I picked up snowboarding pretty quickly and by the 3rd day I was essentially a semi-professional – to this I attribute my background in skateboarding around campus back in the states.

On another note, the startup company I am working with here is also great. The energy of the employees is contagious, and I am very grateful to be in such an innovative place filled with passion and enthusiasm. Overall, I am currently enjoying Santiago dearly, and within the first week I have already had some of the best experiences of my life, so I am extremely excited for what lies ahead.

Until later,