Cake and tea

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Ayako-san finally returned from her trip to Europe! Yeah! She left and spent two weeks in London, Paris and some other French city that I cannot recall. It was really nice to see her again. Nana-chan and I went to the local church meeting in Motoyama to visit her. I haven’t been to the church in a long time, but everyone still remembered me.  So every meeting the woman all cook (they won’t let me or Nana help at all), and the men start with a meeting prayer. I got to try a miso and oyser soup, that some of the members had harvested fresh that same day (no lie). I usually don’t go because the service is in Japanese and either Nana or Ayako-san have translate for me. But it was nice to see them again. 


My best friend Kim is going home early this semester. We’ve become quite the duo here and I’m going to miss her. So today we decided to spend the last few weeks together doing all-sorts of crazy (but  legal) fun. Today we finally baked a cake to have for cake and tea time. As usual I was late…and we we’re having it at my apartment. So Kim rings my door bell, and I had just woken up and didn’t have any milk for the cake.  Kim ran to the store while I cleaned and then we baked the cake while I did laundry. We always joke that we are like an old married couple and Kim is the “man”. I think that me sending her to the store for milk might add to it. It was nice to spend the day, just talking and eating our home made and iced cake. We had milk tea instead of actual tea.


Today a bunch of new arrivals for the Spring semester arrived at Proxy. I have a new neighbor in Mikey’s old room. I haven’t actually met her yet.  But Kristina did come back from America! So she Kim and I all went to eat at a local shop called Yeast Paradise. And then Kim and I took a night adventure (aka bike ride) to Coacoa’s curry house for old time’s sake. It is still ridiculously cold here for mid March, but the cherry blossoms will still be in bloom soon. I’m also now rocking out my new braids done by yours truly and taking only four hours to do.