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University of Sussex welcome sign.

My last week at the University of Sussex was definitely bittersweet. It was about this time that I heavily remembered the example my orientation leader mentioned, which was the sharp decrease in excitement that follows the initial increase in excitement. It was hard to develop a solid daily routine when my program was not the entire summer because I knew it was all very temporary, although the time spent with new friends was amazing. It is truly heart warming to know that I met students from across all over the world and country; some I will cherish forever and some that I will keep in touch with to visit again some time soon. One thing I will for sure miss the most about living in the small town of Falmer, is waking up early in the morning to the sound of seagulls wailing and flying around. As I begin packing my belongings and enjoying the last hours of campus, I look forward to carrying these memories with me forever and sharing them with friends and family back home in Oregon.  

Poster presentation at BAP summer meeting.

Even though my study abroad program has come to an end, I was fortunate enough to continue my journey in England while presenting my research at the British Association of Psychopharmacology summer meeting. This conference was particularly important to me because it focused on several topics that I am passionate about, including mental health, pharmacology and biomedical health research. It was an optimal opportunity to meet scientists, doctors, psychiatrists and graduate students all from throughout field who are also from the United Kingdom and Europe, which provided me with a different prospective of health care. In addition, to listening to scientific talks ranging in topics about ADHD, anxiety and MDMA to translational medicine, I was able to compare and contrast the United States health care and education system to the United Kingdom’s, which was my particular favorite.