Being hurt.

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There are things that can hit you so hard and cause extreme homesickness. Like hearing a specific song you would hear your parents listen to a hundred times. A certain smell, sound, or even a random memory. For me, I’ve had these moments million of times but getting hurt this last week really brought in a wave of homesickness. Last week the day after taking my first exam of the semester, more on that later, I was getting off the t-bane and fell HARD. It was one of those horrible falls you can’t even be embarrassed about because you actually almost died, figuratively. Two very kind people helped me to a bench were I sat for a few minutes before limping to the doctor on university campus. I learned that I sprained my ankle horribly and was given crutches and other supplies needed. This moment sucked for one main reason, I was getting off the train to buy groceries for a dinner I was having later that evening to discuss traveling during that very weekend. Unfortunately hurting my ankle put a prompt kibosh on any and all traveling plans and even right now I am limping around my dorm like a wounded deer. Getting hurt really made me miss home. If i were home I would have my mom and family around coming over to check on me and probably cooking me sympathy food. Here I’m alone, I’ve been blessed with amazing friends who have done things like making my groceries for me so I don’t have to walk too much but it doesn’t beat the comfort of laying up on your moms couch. Anyway, I keep reminding myself that there will still be moments to travel before I leave.

Outside of my minor but still very painful injury, I also had my first exam last week. It was a three-day take home essay for my Migration, Diversity, and Inequality class. This class has been my favorite of the entire year and so while this was on of the hardest exams I’ve ever taken, I really loved it. For those three days I lived at the library. I learned pretty early on last semester that I could not study in my dorm. I get too comfortable here and it’s easy for me to get distracted. So now I spend most of my study time at the library. Last week I was at the library from 10am-10pm even going as far to pack my own lunch so I didn’t have to leave often. This plan really worked in my favor as I was able to formulate what I believe to be a well written 4,000 word essay on the different types of migration, the inclusionary and/or exclusionary policies in many countries and how race or ethnicity affect everyday life for migrants. I won’t go into much more detail about what was written since I don’t know the policies in place but I really enjoyed the subject matter. Anyone who knows me knows critical race studies and human anthropology are my all time favorite subjects. As a minority they are really important to me and this class really focused on a lot of interesting aspects of it. I really cannot wait to get feedback on my exam.

I have two more exams before my semester ends with the next one happening in three weeks. Right now I am on Easter break and plan to use the time for healing and more studying.