Balance and Beauty in Bali

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Halo from Bali! My first week here has been breathtaking. I’ve found myself taken aback by the immense beauty of the land and the people here. When I took my first step out of the plane I could feel the warmth of the air as I took in all of the sweet smells from the plumeria trees. I was greeted by some of the most kind airport security you will ever meet and as I made my way out it finally hit me. I was in Bali!
On our first full day out we headed to Pura Luhur temple in Uluwatu. We were dressed in the traditional sarong and sash symbolizing the separation of the upper and lower half of the body. As we walked down the hill, through the breeze of the trees I looked up, took a breath in and realized I was overlooking the whole coastline with a direct drop to crystal blue water and a temple structure on my right side. I turned to everyone and saw the same look of awe plastered across their faces. It was one of those sights that was so clear and pure in its beauty that it is truly indescribable. Although this was only the first experience of many in Bali I don’t know if anything is ever going to beat that view!
As my first week comes to an end I think I am still learning how to balance all of this beauty with my own needs. Studying abroad is such an amazing experience and you want to take advantage of every opportunity you get (which you totally should). But you also need to listen to how your body is feeling so that you’re able to give it your best and take in all of that beauty. It is natural to feel tired, especially in a foreign country!
I didn’t realize how much physical energy goes into traveling. In the United States everything is built around cars, but here in Bali it is mainly walking and of course the infamous motorbikes (which I don’t think i’ll be using anytime soon). Because of this I’ve been trying to take more rest time for myself. In the end we’re all humans and if you need that extra rest to feel sustained throughout the day then take it!
This first week has been a magical experience and I am so excited to see what Bali has in store for me and what I have for Bali!