Back to the Basics of Saying No: A Way to Savor Restful Moment. Isaac Kyeremateng, Uganda (Week 11, Post 11)

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There are several things that make a writer hit writer’s block. I do not consider myself a writer, but from my experience of blogging weekly this semester, I see some of the factors that contribute to writer’s block. The first probably is a lack of inspiration. Sometimes in movies, writers often have to go back to their hometown, a retreat, or camp to reset, to get fresh inspiration, to clear their heads before they can have a comeback. Other times there is fatigue that needs overcome. Great things sometimes come from dry places, but it takes some patience and tending to those dry places to begin to see fruit again. But unfortunately, time does not allow for such patience or tending, hence the block. My semester is halfway now and there is some fatigue, some dryness perhaps. I can’t go to a retreat, a camp, or my hometown to refresh and reset. But I find that can go back to the basics of saying no and setting healthy boundaries that are essential for rest and rejuvenation. Sometimes going back to the basics of what has worked simply works.
Last week after a long week of activity in the village, I had to take a day off from my internship. This weekend, I have declined a few invitations to trips and events being held by some friends. It is not the most pleasant when I have to refuse a gentle and warm request from a friend to attend an event. But I know that there is value in keeping boundaries and taking time to rest. I have not practiced this well during my time here in Uganda, but am learning how to be healthy in the context I am in and will continue to find ways to manage my time and keep boundaries so that I can finish my time here in Uganda well. For this weekend, I take my time to relax by sleeping in and taking a short walk with a few friends who are also not going for the trip. I also watch a women’s football match on campus. I reflect on the beautiful landscapes that surround me and bust in their glory. It is well with my soul.