Back in the US After A Year Abroad

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The Trials and Tribulations of Re-Entry Back into Ordinary Life in the USA & The Advantages and Future Goals Realized After A Year Abroad

Since being back in the US for the last two and half months, I thought it was about time to make my last blog in video form, where I converse about all of the trials and tribulations I have underwent since my re-entry in the USA and the life I left behind just a year ago. Also, I include all of the advantages I have gained and the future goals realized after my study abroad experience in China. I hope all future students abroad can watch this video and understand what awaits you back the difficulties of reassimilation, but also the doors that you can open in both your academic and future occupation by taking the leap abroad. Thank you, Fund for Education Abroad for allowing me the chance to undergo a lifelong dream and one of the single most important opportunities of my life!

–Christopher Steven Covington