Back Home

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I’m awfully late, but I am back home in Texas and missing Seoul terribly. Like I mentioned in my video, the reverse culture shock was hardly present for me after coming back, but I guess it’s because I’ve already had to readjust myself before. I knew what to expect, so I was mentally prepared. Leaving, however, was twice as hard as the first time. Seeing all my friends leave before me and saying goodbye to the friends I knew I would see again was so painful. I began to remember how painful it was for me to leave before, so I felt terrible the last couple of days. I would tried my best to suppress those feelings and still enjoyed my last days in Seoul.


I’m so fortunate to have made such amazing friends and to have the chance to see old friends. I’m fortunate that this experience has affected me in a positive way. Since coming back, my friends and family tell me I’ve become more talkative and confident. I think so, too. I was also able to become more open-minded thanks to all the group projects I was involved in. I even gained some leadership skills thanks to being the oldest out of my group of friends( In Korean culture, the oldest is responsible for the other and, therefore, like a leader of the group of friends.)

Thank you, FEA, for helping me out during this experience of  a lifetime!