At the threshold

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Welp. I leave in a couple days and trying to process all my emotions seems to have been mostly unproductive. I’m nervous, maybe anxious, mostly excited and I’m definitely anticipating the Culture Shock! Since the beginning of my language studies I’ve been wanting to travel to the Middle East and now, 2 years later, I finally get to seize the window of opportunity that has opened up before me. Woot! My healthy dose of restless nerves surely stems from the fact that it has been a full year since I’ve studied the Arabic Language and 1 year and a half since I have studied the grammar. (Which has been scientifically proven as the leading cause of self-pity in most Arabic language learners)

Jordan was an obvious choice as a location for my study abroad after studying arabic for three years. Studying in Jordan provides an opportunity to really hone in and practice my language skills and expand my vocabulary and probably most importantly, provide the reassurance that every language learner needs to continue a confident pursuit of language attainment. Woot woot!!

There are a lot of stigmas about the Middle East and plenty of misconceptions. Even as I was telling my friends and family where I was going to be going I received a lot of worried looks and confused expressions and while I know they have some misplaced predispositions, I myself can’t honestly say that I totally understand the everyday functions of the complex cultures that live in the Middle East. With that said, during my studies abroad I hope to really learn about the history, culture, religions, and cuisine of Jordan. Welp, off I go!!

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