Approaching the end of the study abroad

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As the days go by, the end of the study abroad is slowly approaching. Just two more weeks and this trip will be over! This trip has truly been one of the best experiences yet but I am also homesick and is eager to be with my family again. At Yonsei University, I am taking two courses, Korean Culture, and Beginning Korean Language.

Comparing Korean and American education styles,  I perceive that the Korean culture is less lenient compared to the American ways. The lecture is usually not mandatory in America but in Korea, you can only miss a certain amount of hours until you get a failing grade.

There are cons and pros in this matter but personally, I think the requirement keeps me grounded in my studies. In the language class, there are only around thirteen students per class so each student is able to get the education they need. In terms of the food Yonsei provides, there are four food courts for students to choose from. This is amazing compared to what my home university provides and the prices are only an average of $5!

There are tons of animal cafes around Seoul for locals and travelers to enjoy. This weekend, I went to a dog cafe to see what it’s all about. Although there is no entrance fee, the drinks are required for purchase and it comes at a hefty price in order to cover the cost of entrance too. Overall, I thought it was worth it because the dogs were so adorable!

There must have been almost twenty dogs and some customers even brought their own. Other than dog cafes, there are a cat, llama, meerkat, bunny, and even raccoon cafes too! There aren’t any animal cafes where I am from so hopefully one opens soon!