Amsterdam for a Night

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I’ve checked in at the hostel in Amsterdam only reserving for a night thinking that I will have a plan by the next day or be able to look for something nicer. I was staying in a room with 10 other strangers who were all about 7 years older than me. It was a bit uncomfortable but I met a couple really awesome people from the UK. The two lads were from London and were there to watch the championship match the following day.

One of them was absolutely high out of his mind and enjoying while the other was having problems with the amount he smoked and just wanted to sleep. His buddy kept busting his balls calling him a lightweight and asking him to roll another “spliff”. It was quite humorous. Amsterdam didn’t feel so alone as it did before. 

I don’t know if it was they level of intoxication or just my glasses but they kept referring to me as Clark Kent or Superman. That is the first nickname I got on this trip. Superman.

I somewhat see a resemblance. (Please don’t ruin any of the major summer movies for me. I left before the Great Gatsby was released. NO SPOILERS for Gatsby, Star Trek, Man of Steel, Monsters University, Hangover 3, This is the End, and World war Z, )

It is about 7pm now and I am in my bed trying to figure out what I am going to do. I am for the first time in a new country all alone and absolutely have no plan for a week. Entirely out of my comfort zone, as I wanted it to be, I start to panic and decide to go to bed. I sleep for about 14 hours. The next morning I have breakfast with my two new friends and they help me book a ticket to Nice to meet my nice little “bird”. According to them that is an endearing for a woman in the United Kingdom. My flight leaves at noon and I will finally be in Menton that day to begin my relaxing vacation.