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   Two of my classmates, Kelsey and Max, and myself have just returned from a 2-day trip in Mikumi National Park. Although this was not my first safari, this trip was special. It’s currently the mating season for lions. We were lucky enough to witness this act…ok perhaps ‘lucky’ isn’t the most appropriate word, but I’m not sure what is most fitting. Suffice to say that there is no sound like that of lions mating! Anyway, we stayed at the Genises hotel, which is a hotel on one side, and a snake & alligator farm on the other. I had a lot of fun playing around with the reptiles, but Kelsey and Max thought I was crazy for it. Also, we were nearly attacked by a baboon while attempting to enter the restroom at Mikumi National Park. According to the local men that rushed to our safety after my murderous scream, the baboon apparently thought Kelsey had food in the bag she has carrying and it wanted to take it. After having that thing charge towards us with his lips curled up to show his teeth while making hissing sounds and wailing its’ arms, I will never thing of baboons quiet the same.

into the blue

I no longer think these things are cute!

these lions are getting ready to participate in the mating season :o

Twiga - Swahili for 'giraffe'

Simba  - Swahile for 'lion'

Max, Kelsey and I