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Acupuncture is the therapy of using needles to stimulate or inhibit neuronal meridans. Ancient Chinese philosophy believes that there are “tender points” or “reflexing points”.

Meridians are energy channels that qi circulates in. The meridian transports blood and qi and connects visceral organs to the supericial deep itssiues. The meridans innervating different organs–lungs, large intestines, stomach, kidney, pericardium, bladder and heart–have different functions.

After delivering the lecture on acupuncture, the professor demonstrated acupuncture on three students of which I volunteered! It was stuck in between the webbing of my thumb and index finger. This helps with reducing inflammation and common cold.

Principle. The insertion of needles onto the acupoints activates the surrounding nerves and tissues. Acupoints are not skin, bone, connective tissues, rather they are neural canals that infuses the internal, extern and visceral organs.

History. The needles used in acupuncture were invented 900 years ago. Acupuncture needles are long and thin but vary in difference needles. There are acular (耳针), head (头针) and electrical needles.

Biochemistry. The twisting of an inserted needle stimulates the nerve endings. The excitation of neurons modulates the release of serotonin, epinephrine and norepinehrine in the cerebral pain systems.

1. Aricular needles are used to treat the complex and nerve-rich ears.

2. Head needles are used for treatment of dementia, spinal and brain injury. Neurological and psychotic diseases.

3. Electric needles are used to treat drug addiction to opiate and cocaine.

Acupuncture is even practicaed by Koreans.

Pain and Discomfort

1. Soreness. This is due to muscular fatigue.

2. Numbness. Block of oxygen causes lactic acid buildup that stings the body.

3. Tenderness.

4. Distension.

Recent reports have shown acupuncture can numb nerve endings and used in anesthetia at a fraction of the cost of conventional anesthetics.


Different sizes of acupuncture needles.