A sustainable future for New Mexico

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As a student who has lived both in the US and UK I have observed differences regarding levels of sustainability in everyday life. One aspect I have observed is sustainable fashion where it is considered a trend to wear thrifted clothes. In the UK, it has become fashionable to wear vintage and second-hand clothing from “charity shops”. Students are the main audience to embrace this style, channeling the nostalgia of the 90s. Through thrifted clothing, they not only showcase unique fashion choices but also contribute to reducing the impact of fast fashion. Thrifted clothing is also a fraction of the cost of mass-generated clothes. Attached is my completely thrifted outfit that I wore outside of the Louvre which cost me less than 25$! It is refreshing to witness the creativity and individuality that comes from this sustainable fashion movement.

In the streets of Leeds I can recognize the efforts local politicians take to preserve the environment around them. This pertains to numerous recycling bins through the city and the banning of single use plastics. This makes me think of ways the US can be less wasteful as well. I see initiatives being taken in my communities back home as well however, there is still work to be done, and this practice should be normalized. Not only in cities like Albuquerque but throughout the entire country.

Having spent time studying abroad, I have been deeply influenced by the sustainability initiatives I have encountered. As I return home, I am more determined than ever to adopt eco-friendly practices in my everyday life. Sustainability has always been a driving force for me, and I believe that even small actions can make a substantial difference. In my chosen field, which has historically been wasteful, motivates me to be the change that is currently lacking in my community,
By adopting sustainable practices, I aim to contribute to a greener future. Whether it’s reducing waste, conserving energy, or making mindful purchasing decisions, every action matters.