A Surprisingly Not-so-Icy Trip to Iceland

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Hey everyone – I know that I’ve been a bit slower on updating the blog recently. With all my recent travels around Europe and exams/paper deadlines fast approaching, my brain has been a bit flustered. I promise to do a better job updating the blog for the next few months and can’t wait to tell you more about my semester in London.

Now… on to the coolest trip that I have ever taken in my life and one of the most beautiful landscapes that I’ve ever seen: Iceland.

My friends Jaylia and Austin (also Study Abroad students from the USA) joined me on an incredible 5-day adventure through Iceland. It all started with a flash sale for $90 round trip tickets, which we thought were too incredible to pass on. So, after a few Facebook messages back and forth… we bought the tickets, booked a rental car, and packed our bags for the trip.

One of the most interesting aspects of our trip was that my friends and I rented a car (which is almost essential to a successful trip in Iceland)… but not just any car, a camper. Since Iceland is such an expensive country (for example, $15 for a subway sandwich, $7 for a gallon of gas, or upwards of $40 a night for a hostel), we decided that this was an incredible way to freely and independently explore the island while also budgeting ourselves.

But – boy oh boy was Iceland beautiful. We saw waterfalls, geysers, natural hot springs, beautiful local horses, caves, black sand beaches, volcanoes, and more. And this post wouldn’t be appropriate without sharing my favorite photo with you…