A Recollection of My Experiences with My Abroad Program – Part 1

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This week is a quick rundown of everything I have done so far with CIEE, my study abroad program, who helps me understand how to fill out the paperwork needed to come to Korea and who offers the support needed when studying abroad in a new country. This program organizes many fun activities for international students, so that I can better immerse myself and understand the Korean culture.

August 28 – The first week out of quarantine. I began with the Navigating Seoul activity. I am given a t-money card, a card used for transportation, and a mission to find specific places with my group. My first stop is Insa-dong, home to traditional Korean crafts, eateries, and goods. We can find homemade candies and teas, beautiful hanbok shops, and traditional paintbrushes among many others. Walking through this district, I felt inspired to learn more about Korean culture from the restaurants that serve delicious, homemade kimchi to the shops which show many traditional fans with beautiful designs.

After exploring Insadong, my group and I rode the train to the next destination. The train is quiet which is quite different compared to the United States, where subways are filled with conversations among young and old. After a couple of stops, though, we arrived at Coex, a mall which houses a beautiful library with numerous books to explore. Take a peek behind me…