A New Start With Fundacion Anna Ross

Read all the exciting things our scholars have been up to!

I am so excited! I have conquered my first two days (Wednesday and Thursday) of service-learning at Fundacion Anna Ross. This foundation offers health promotion, therapy, and support groups to women suffering with or has survived breast cancer. On Wednesday, my colleagues and I created invitations and hand-delivered them to various patients at San Juan Dios Hospital. It was wonderful to see the ladies smile from our little message of hope.  I was a little nervous at first because of my basic Spanish skills; however, I pressed through the shyness and engaged in conversations with them. On Thursday, my colleagues and I volunteered at Salon Rosa , located within the Dr. Adolfo Carit Eva Hospital for women. Salon Rosa is rehabilitation program for women who has undergoned mastectomies. During our shift, we gave out additional invitations for our support group at Fundacion Anna Ross, and we assisted the nurses with various tasks, such as comforting and supporting our patients. We learned alot about the rehab program. It was a really great experience. I am definitely looking forward to next week to learn even more.