A Flight of Melatonin

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Group 5.
Can Group 5 please board the aircraft?

At the corner of my eye, Henry’s smile appeared.
We’ve been sitting for three hours at the gate
And finally, the wait was over.

He was excited about the destination, and I was thrilled to be up in the sky again.
In the past year, we’ve traveled to Nevada, Oregon, and Washington but Europe was going to be entirely different.

Struggling to move my luggage down the ramp,
I felt frustrated with my inability to not overpack.

Luckily, the flight crew offered to check it in for free and greeted me with ‘Hello love welcome aboard.’

Dinner was served within an hour of us in the air.
Chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, quinoa, and tiramisu.

The flight crew came by asking ‘any rubbish at all’ to which Henry replied no before turning to me and giggling.

Both of us were enlightened and entertained by their British accents.

Right after dinner,
Henry questioned whether the food contained melatonin.
We both fell into a deep sleep as the crew turned off every light and shut the windows closed.