2nd Month Closure, Ireland, Happy Halloween

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Happy Halloween you fiends! I hope all is well with you, as for me, things are great. As you know last weekend I went to Ireland, where I had a pretty good time, but it wasn’t great. Maybe because I was sick, or maybe because I just loved Amsterdam so much, Ireland was mediocre to me. But upon getting back, at 1 am monday morning, I had a test that very day. Which I did o.k. on. Also, this week including going to the Shakespeare Globe Theatre, and seeing the new James Bond at the Odeon Theatre in Leicester Square.

Ireland Foliage

While in Ireland I did enjoy the sites, luxurious landscape, and the beautiful autumn foliage.  Although I was under the weather, I did manage to see and visit a view sites and museum. My favorite place being Phoenix park, witch is a huge park in the middle of Dublin, with the second tallest monument can be seen, the 1st tallest being in Washington, D.C.

Also while in Ireland I got a tattoo of my daughters name, Aiyana, on my right shoulder.

This pass Tuesday after class I went to see the latest 007 James Bond film title Spectre. It was a very good movie in my opinion and it is the best as far as action, in this recent 007 films starring Daniel Craig. Going to a british theatre to see a film is a different experience then seeing a film here in London. It is reminiscent of the old Movie Palaces they had back in days of earlier film, whereas the movie ticket price depends on what day of you go and where you want to sit, and most movie theatres only show on feature length film at a time, although, there are some multiplexes that are more like the theatres back home. Also, one is able to by an alcoholic beverage at the concessions, whereas the only way to get liquour at a movie back home is to sneak it in somehow.  Spectre is a must see for any 007 fan.

Wednesday, we all went to the Shakespeare Globe Theatre, here in London, which is an older tradition theatre for plays and musical and it is built mostly of wood. A pure marvel to look at and be in, it is must see for any tourist visiting London. Although, I won’t be able to see any plays there becuase the season has ended already, it was still nice to visit and have a look. The trip was followed by a reenacting of scenes from Romeo & Juliet by a few of peers, who “volunteered” to see what actors had to do back in the day while performing plays.

Today is October 31st, so I want to wish every one Happy Halloween, and to be safe out there tonight while tricking treating and partying. My second month comes to close here in London, which leaves only one month left before I return to California. As much as I like it out here, I am really missing my daughter, and it breaks my heart that I can’t be with her on her 1st Halloween.

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