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I know it’s been more than a minute since I’ve updated. To be honest, it’s been hard lately, and I’m not just talking about being sick. Though, I have been sick since I came back from Alishan. But let me first fill you in on the adventures I’ve had starting with Alishan!

Alishan is a really famous mountain. I hadn’t been to a mountain in a while. I just needed to clear my head. My heart was heavy, and I was feeling things too much. Alishan was definitely the right spot. We first took the train to Chiayi (嘉义), then we took the bus to the mountain. I finally caught up on my sleep and just enjoyed the long rides. We left at around 5:30am, and we got to the mountain at around 11:30. We had GREAT timing. We spent the rest of the day in the mountain, walking the trail. It was just lovely. We forgot about warm clothing though because it’s so hot in Shalu! Well, at the time it was. Thank goodness the hotel we stayed at rented out coats! It was freezing that night and early in the morning! Alishan is known for the sunrise, and we went up the mountain early to see it. The place is just perfect! When we came back to Shalu, I felt so much better!  I might have to come back and add photos because for some reason this device won’t let me.


Then two weekends later, I went to Taoyuan. We went and saw the burial place of the first president of Taiwan. I didn’t really like it because it was full of statues of him: ALL OF THE SAME STATUES! However, there was a really pretty bridge and lake. But, it wasn’t my favorite place. That was just a one day trip. Then the next day I was back in Chiayi for a religious convention. There’s just something about Chiayi that I love. It makes me so happy!

Now, I’m just trying to enjoy my time here. I’m living my dream, but I didn’t realize it would be this hard or I would get this homesick. Jiayou! 加油! I’m going to work hard to live my dream and be happy here. Stay tuned for more adventures!