You’re twenty-six-and want to be in the medical field?





Age ain’t nothing but a number. It is a frowned upon concept when people want to achieve their dreams at a certain age. However, the philosophy that people don’t understand is that our goals are always changing. Decisions are always being made and sometimes they may not always benefit us but not making a decision is still making one. There are always new opportunities to accomplish our new goals and achieve our dreams.

I’m about to be a senior year but since I changed my major to Exercise Science this entails that I will be in school for another three years. Also, I have set my eyes on applying for graduate schools which is possibly another three years. Although, I want to graduate early so I can start my career early I realized its the perfect opportunity to be better acquainted with the physical therapy realm.

The future is always changing and I am 20 years old and I shouldn’t have to have my future all planned out. But, I do have a sense of direction and am wise enough to chose a path I know I will be satisfied with in the end. Even though I will have to be in school a little while longer I know this decision has deeply impacted who I am. I am a provider for my family and being a doctor of physical therapy is my dream which I will continue to strive in because I’m the one putting in the hard work.

There are times where I become doubtful of my aspirations and actually question whether or not I can obtain this dream. In reality I shouldn’t be where I am today however with my support system I have come this far in life and will contiue to do so with my loved ones by my side.

The only person that can stop you from achieving your dreams is yourself. If you are passionate about something you love its your choice whether or not to take action and pursue that thing that makes you want to get up in the morning. My parents always encouraged me to believe in myself and never let anyone tell me otherwise.

When you let other people’s opinions affect you, you’re no longer pursuing that dream for yourself but for others approval. Never ever let others tear you down despite your age or gender, the only person that will stop you is your own doing. You are going against yourself if you give into the pressure of doing something people say it is too late for you to do.

Everyone has the potential to reach for the stars and if you let others affect you negatively, you might miss out on all the great opportunities life has to offer. Aaliyah a young singer I have always admired said, “If at first you don’t succeed dust yourself off and try again”.

I will live by this quote for the rest of my life because it encourages people to continue pushing through despite the failures that may come along the way. I have always been an ambitious individual so I know that no matter how long it takes me I am wise enough to know this decision is the best I’ve ever made.