Yasu is BACK FROM HAWAII! Yatta! He came upstairs and greeted me and Kim. Then he promptly invited us to the party that he had left to come find us. One of the new guys from England (John) and all of the other new Brits (Simeon, Andy, and Ian), a girl from France (still haven’t caught her name), the two crazy Ausies from Down Under (Matt and James) and finally Beth and Daniel ( Brits), Erica (a Hawaiian, well technically now she’s a Washington stater), Kim, Yasu and myself were all piled into his room. It was nice to meet all of them and see some people back from last semester. We ended up talking about everything from Politics to upcoming test and rumors. Once we were all tired out we all headed off to our rooms. Kim and Yasu ended up sleeping at my place because Yasu’s heat had been turned off and the front desk was closed. I just realized that it was the first sleepover that I have ever hosted at my place. Sigh. My sad, sad childhood…just kidding. 


After meeting everyone or seeing them again after a very long time, some of us decided to do Karaoke. None of the new people had been so we all walked down to Apita to show them where everything was. It was apparently a holiday so it was a bit more expensive to get in and we didn’t get to stay as long as we would have liked. But the two Brits with us chose lots of silly songs, some of which I’d never heard of. And Yasu preformed his famous traditional Japanese songs with his fan all aflutter. He is actually really good. Next time I’ll take video and upload it.