Wine in Spain




This past week has been slightly uneventful, except for the trip my program cohort and I took to a vineyard, as it simply consisted of class, homework, and scholarship applications.

I had class Monday through Friday this week, which differs from the normal Monday through Thursday schedule. I did not mind it, though, since I enjoy the classes I had on Friday: I had Spanish Contemporary Art, Spanish Grammar, and Islamic Culture in Spain. In my Spanish Contemporary Art course, we recently transitioned from Antoni Gaudí’s modernism and are now learning about Joaquin Sorolla’s luminism art style, both of which I find interesting. Moreover, in my Spanish Grammar course, we are practicing the subjunctive, which is beneficial to me as a native speaker since I do not have much remembrance of the grammar rules for the correct use. In addition, we are learning about the Taifa Kingdoms during the 11th century in my Islamic Culture in Spain course.

Moreover, instead of a normal lecture for my Development of Spanish Culture course, we had a gastronomy workshop where we discussed the history and the process of making wine, a prominent beverage in Spanish culture, in order to prepare for our trip to the vineyard on Saturday. During the workshop, we were also given three wines to taste and explained the aspects of the wine to seek in order to ensure quality.  Fast forward to Saturday and after a 30 minute bus ride, we were at the vineyard. We were given an informative tour around the vineyard that explained their process of making the wine as well as facts regarding their business. They concluded the tour with wine tasting, rosé and red wine to be specific, and snacks, such as cheese, crackers, and ham. I had enough of the wine from the workshop earlier that week, so I enjoyed the snacks!