Who knew?


Wow, I honestly can’t say anything bad about this experience so far. First of all I would like to say that I am very lucky to be traveling with such a wonderful group of people. Everyone is very nice and easy to get along with, which makes the trip even more amazing when you can share it with people you like. China is so different from everything I have ever known, culture, music, food, people, architecture, language, even the atmosphere! At noon, when the sun is supposedly at its peak, there is still overcast. biiiiggg change coming from the sunshine state to the sunless state! But I like it, I mean it’s different and it has its beauty. In the afternoon the sun is a deep red orange color and just amazing to photograph. Yesterday I cooked my own food at a restaurant we went to. It was by far the most spicy-est food I have ever tasted, my stomach still feels like its on fire. I feel like a grain of sand in a sand box in this city, and I can only imagine that this weekend in Beijing will only make me feel more insignificant, I don’t have low self-esteem don’t worry. The amount of people is just mind blowing, it’s crazy to think of so many people walking, driving, and riding, simultaneously. My dorm in the university is very cute, after an afternoon ride to WuMei the Chinese Wal-Mart I managed to make my room a home away from home. The second day of our trip we went to BingJongDao (pretty sure about the spelling) a huge shopping area, full of malls, and tiny shops one next to the other. This morning I went to purchase a second-hand bicycle. This will be my transportation method within the university, as the distances are quite long. At night the temperature drops a bit and it’s just beautiful! Ok that’s it for now, next time I will continue about my trip to Beijing this weekend and the Great Wall of China! Can’t wait. As always… your caffeinated tourist guide.