This week Wafaa and I visited Whitstable, another seaside town very close to Herne Bay. This town is also very charming and appealing to visitors as it is known for its oysters, scenic harbor, beaches, and oceanfront restaurants. There is even an oyster festival here every summer. We took a nice walk along the beach and then stopped for oysters. It was my first time trying oysters; I did like them! But with lots of lemon juice. This town has a stable tourist industry, but its economy also relies on fishing, fish processing, and boat storage. Before leaving, we walked around town, stopping at a variety of delightful shops. We had very nice weather as well, which made our stroll even more enjoyable. This week, I also took time to go to the bank and open my bank account. Since I have completed the registration process with the university, I was able to get the letter required by the bank confirming my student status. I did get the necessary information at a local branch in Herne Bay but to open the account, I had to make an appointment at a branch in Canterbury. The bank representative was very nice and helpful, and I was able to open the account without any problems. With a local bank account, it will be easier to manage my expenses and avoid exchange fees. I continue to check the university’s website for updates, and it has been announced that class schedules should be available starting tomorrow. I am looking forward to receiving my schedule to see how my week will be organized. On September 22nd, I will have the chance to meet staff and other students during the welcome program scheduled for that day. I will also attend the Students’ Union welcome fair on September 23rd to meet the different student groups available and find out in which activities I can participate. I am excited to meet other students and join one of these groups!