Whirlwind of a Weekend: Museums, Rafting & Swings




Hola Chixs,

I have just finished my fifth week in Ecuador and I have to say it has been one of the best and busiest weeks! Classes are staring to take a turn into finals week and within three days I have two essays, two exams, and a presentation! But regardless of all that this weekend I spent it exploring one of Quito’s most famous art museums, Capilla Del Hombre, and adventuring in one of Ecuador’s most exciting cities, Banos!

La Capilla del Hombre is an art museum created and donated to the city of Quito, Ecuador by Oswaldo Guayasamin. Guayasamin is one of the most work renowned artists who worked on exhibiting the true lives of Latin Americans and that includes showing the suffering and violence that Latin America has endured for so long. The museum includes his own artwork but it also shows his home which gives you a test of how full his life was. Also, within his home you also see his own collection of art from other artists!

This is a guide to show you where all the aspects of the museum are located! Sadly, you could not take any pictures inside of any of his pieces but you can find some of his work online! Also, I really recommend his artwork because it is some of the most powerful and impactful pieces I have ever had the pleasure of seeing!


Here I am sitting on the side of Guayasamin’s pool & you can see the Capilla Del Hombre in the back! Fun fact, he had some amazing guests over like Rigoberta Menchu (one of my favorite authors)!

Banos, was one of the most adventurous cities I have ever been to! It completely tested all of my limits both on land, water, and air! On water, I went water rafting for the first time ever in a zone 3+ river (which means on a scale from 1 to 5, it was mildly fast and turbulent!) Also, we went to a natural thermal springs in the area which had the warmest, most relaxing pools I have ever been to!

On land, I learned how to dance salsa and merengue from one of the local dance instructors! This really put my Latin genes to a test because I have never danced like this before!


On air, I had to conquer my fear of heights and I climbed a mountain just to get to a swing that swung me towards the end of a cliff and back!


P.S. I have one more week and I am utterly saddened!! I don’t want to leave Ecuador!