Where’s Waldo? Where’s Juli?????



好久不見! 真的太久, 對不對? 我真的 不好意思.就是我們放假了! 所以我一點不在. 但是我回來了! 但是我好了開始寫部落格!

Long time no see! It’s really been too long, right. I’m really embarrassed, but it’s only because we were on winter break! So I was not here for a little bit, and by here, I mean online. But I’m back! I’m ready to write my blog.

其實, 我真的沒有很有意思的信息. 這個月我需要了休息很多, 所以 我睡覺了很多. 我最後的去台北. 台北很熱鬧. 我不知道如果我真的喜歡那個城市 . 但是 我真的 喜歡淡水. 我上了捷運從台北到淡水. 很值得的經驗 . 因為我一個人去了, 我很開心知道我有一點能力.

Actually, I don’t really have a lot of interesting news to share. I really needed to sleep and rest up after the semester, so I slept A LOT. But I did finally go to Taipei, and it’s very noisy and busy. I’m not sure if I really like it, but I did REALLY like Tanshui. I took the metro from Taipei to Tanshui, and it was an awesome experience. I went by myself, and I’m just happy to know that I have the ability to go to another place by myself, in a country who’s language is not my first…nor my second….

我們要了去台北101的星巴克還有Hello Kitty咖啡館.但是都關門了!我真的生氣.但是我應該了知道因為那個時間是新年.但是我真的太期待了.沒關係.下次去台北一定會去!

We really wanted to go to the Starbucks on the 35th floor Taipei 101 and the Hello Kitty Cafe, but both were closed! I was too outdone! I really should’ve known though because it was the Sunday before Chinese New Year. But I was too excited that I didn’t think it through. Next time we will definitely go!

We also went to Taoyuan Reservoir. It was really nice! Especially as the sun was going down, it was really pretty. All in all, I think my winter holiday wasn’t too shabby. I had some time to think and meditate on how far I’ve come and where I hope to go next. I’m looking forward to what’s next for me. I’m not sure what’s going to happen next, but I’m ready to start living my life and making new dreams. 加油!

Old street in Sanxia!
Old street in Sanxia!
Lunch with friends. We got to write on the wall, and I felt it only appropriate to remember this forever.


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