When In Rome




Hello everyone!

I am so excited for you to follow my journey while studying abroad in Trastevere, Rome, Italy! During my first few days here, I realized that there is so much more to the city than I had previously thought. Below, I’ve highlighted some of my favorite places so far.

Piazza del Popolo

This piazza has to be one of my favorites in terms of architecture and history. I first went here with my Modern Rome and Its Monuments class. I was overwhelmed with the amount of symbolism and beauty and even more so by the history. I like going there to “people-watch” and eat gelato.

Guarini Campus – John Cabot University

The Guarini Campus of JCU is very peaceful and perfect for studying or hanging out with friends. I go here to study, do homework, plan weekend trips, and to talk with friends. A few steps away from here, you can find a number of restaurants, gelaterias, and mini-marts as well!

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is 10 minutes away from my apartment, and it is probably the quietest place you could find in Rome. The natural beauty, plants, animals, and scenery will surely take your breath away (both because there’s a steep incline and because there is genuinely a magnificent view of the city waiting for you at the top of the hill). My university offers meditation workshops here from time to time, and it is very relaxing.

Piazza Trilussa

Lastly, Piazza Trilussa. This is my favorite spot to hang out with my friends in the evening. After dinner, we sit on the steps and watch the different performances that take place at night and socialize with other students and locals. I always have a fun time sitting there getting to know others and their stories.