What are some strong counterarguments against the most common stereotypes US Americans have on Germans?





The main way how people around the globe learn and absorb others’ ways of life, and or culture, is through the Media. The media is the first source of information around the world for people who want to learn about those who lived in a different country or even continent, however, what is shown there most of the time is exaggerated, dramatic for TV purposes, and sometimes not even close to the truth. For that reason, many misconceptions that US Americans have of Germans are not what you could encounter once you meet them.

For instance, one of the greatest stereotypes is that Germans are “cold” not friendly to people outside their group of friends. When I first arrived in this country I thought so myself and I were expecting for me to have a hard time finding German friends. However, once I actually started talking to my roommates and people I noticed that that was not true at all. Yes, there are German people who are reserved and like to keep to themselves, but so do US Americans and other people from other places. There are always going to be places where people are introverted or extroverted. I have to be lucky in the sense that my floor roommates are all German so I have encountered both sizes of the coin, I have a great friendship with two f them and they are the best, they are for sure extroverts, which make the establishment of friendship easier, but I have also experience from another roommate who is more reserve and more what it is expected of a German which is the “coldness” but that is not true, he is simply a guy who likes to mind his own business and just go about his day, which is nothing wrong with it.

I believe that the best way to face these stereotypes is by actually approaching the people from whose stereotypes are said, in that way you can actually see and judge on your own criteria if what is said is true or not. There are always going to be people that act or react differently to the same circumstances, and not all people experience the same when meeting Germans or people from another nationality. For that reason, it is necessary that we don’t jump to conclusions. We should try to be open-minded and be willing to accept and understand others’ points of view, actions, and mannerisms, because in that way you can actually understand them and if after what you see and experience decided that you like or dislike them, that is more valid instead of simply doing it based out of others’ experiences.