What a week before the weekend!





I have never been to a concert back in the United States. Even more interesting, I have never been to a K-pop concert as well. Last Sunday was a Sunday I will never forget. I had purchases a ticket for only 50 USD, and when I viewed the line-up, I did not most of the groups performing. During my time here in Korea, I have slowly began to like K-POP music. The only problem is, most of the time I do not know who is singing.

As night sets, BTS will perform. All the groups were just as amazing as well!

The concert took place in Gwangju which is about four hours from Seoul, we took a bus along with other people as well who were headed to the concert as well. We did have our breaks to use the restroom and to grab a quick lunch. But, the whole time I was thinking about how will my first experience at a concert in Korea be? Upon our arrival, we had picked up our tickets and we were able to explore around the World Cup Stadium, and view the events that were going on at the time. Little did I know that bigger K-POP groups such as BTS, MOMOLAND, and TWICE would be there. Many of the fans quickly rushed to the to the jumbo screen and viewed BTS practicing their hit songs. That was my first time even seeing them up close as well!

We arrived to our seats early, and people are excited about this concert!

It finally came time for the groups to perform, and the next thing I know the fans are screaming! Many of them were chanting names, or singing to the song. I was just mesmerized by what was going on! I started singing along with the songs, and moving to the beat. There were some songs that I hear everywhere, and I was just enjoying my time their! Each group that performed made sure they left their presence. Once most of the groups performed, the only ones left were TWICE and BTS. When BTS performed, I felt like the stadium shook, many fans were screaming, and crying because they were just their. I will admit their performance was amazing, and they do know how to close a concert! Overall, I felt this was a great experience for me, I can say that I attended a K-POP concert in Korea and have no regrets.

As the week progressed, one of my friends wanted to go hiking at Bukhansan mountains. People have told me that if you wanted to hike that this is the place to go. We did not have class one day, and decided to go early in the morning. I went in with high hopes of thinking this was easy. Once we arrived, we had the option to go either up one trail that was four ours (8 hours total going up and down) or a smaller one that took two hours (four hours going up and down). I have no hiking experience at all, but I felt like going up the mountain was easy. We did have to take occasion rest, since we felt like we were never going to make it. As we approached higher and higher, the views were getting better and better. I kept telling myself to see it until the end. Thankfully, we made it and now we could eat and admire the view. It does take your breath away, and it makes you stop and think about the decision I have made in my life. Clearing the mind and starting from the beginning is what it felt like in my opinion. Once our rest was over, we made our way back down the mountain slowly and just applauded one another for the work we had put in today. This was not easy at all, even right now I feel tired still and we went hiking on Wednesday. Finally to wrap up the night, we went to visit Avengers: Endgame. I honestly never do this at home, so being out with friends is comforting because they are supportive! Take an opportunity when you have one, because this is an experience of a lifetime. Stay tuned for more to come!

I had to think about life for a second, and how much time has gone since I arrived here!
Small break and a great I am so close to the peak!
I did not know what to expect when I entered here.