Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research






          Welingkar also know as the “We School” is filled with motivated business intellectuals. From what I was told it seems like this school is very competitive and the admission process is very rigorous. I remember reading in the New York Times that only 33 percent of Americans went to college and received their bachelor’s degree last year. For a developing country like India I’m sure the percentage of individuals attending college is even less.

          It’s very difficult for most Indians to go to college for many reasons. There are faced with many obstacles in their lives that as an American we normally would not have to endure. The students at Welingkar are the few who were able to conquer those obstacles to successfully complete college and now go even further to receive their MBA. I would describe the students here as the sharks of the business world.  They are educated and innovative yuppies that know exactly what they want and how to get it. I feel pretty lucky to be around such individuals. I can’t wait to network and meet all of them.

          The school it self is beautiful. The entrance looks amazing. Walking up the long stairs I feel like I’m about to literally enter a place of “higher education.” The building is six stories high and is filled with state of the art classrooms. Not one classroom is the same and the layout of each room is very interestingly thought-out. Just my words would not due justice in describing how cool this school looks. I’ll upload some pictures for you all to see for yourselves.    

         Today we were able to sign up for our classes. Unlike others I did not have the pleasure of picking easy and random classes. I could only pick from a select list of courses that were approved by my home University.  I’ll be taking the following five courses:

*International Business

*Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

*Product and Brand Management

*Financial Risk Management

*Advanced Financial Management

          The last two courses that are listed above are Finance courses at an MBA level. The counselors at Welingkar have advised me not to take them because they are very difficult. They mentioned that those two courses are two of the hardest courses that they offer at Welingkar and that most students enrolled in those classes are second year level MBA students. I’m truly terrified at this point about taking those courses. But those were the only two Finance courses that were approved so I guess I just have to hope for the best. Really don’t have much option at this point. Tomorrows the first day of school, wish me luck!