Welcome to Jordan!


Greetings from the Hashemite Kingdom! Today my summer Intensive Arabic Language program with the School for International Training (SIT) begins. I’ve been in Jordan since February while participating in SIT’s Refugees, Health and Humanitarian Action program. During the summer, however, I will be only taking Arabic classes.

So far, I can stumble my way through ordering a cup of coffee but I’m not much more sophisticated than that. Hopefully by the end of the summer I’ll be able to communicate very nuanced ideas regarding the human condition and how we’re all collectively suffering through it together. Just kidding, I’ll be happy if I can ask for directions to the bathroom.

During my time in Jordan I’ve been able to do the touristy things like Wadi Rum, Petra, and Aqaba. Below, you’ll find a picture of me ay Wadi Mujib. I’ll get the chance to go again during the summer so standby for some sweet pics of Jordan’s pristine sights. I’ve also fallen in love with the food here. I’ve been considering a food blog in Jordan to pay the bills in case this whole college thing doesn’t work out.

As for my time so far in Jordan, I’ve been incredibly well taken care of. I lived with a local Jordanian family as part of my spring program. They were wonderfully accommodating to me. They were hospitable and treated me like a son. I’ll be with a different family for the summer and if my first experience is anything to go off of, I’m very excited to meet my new family. Jordanians in general have been very welcoming. Now I’m with a Palestinian family that has so far been very patient with me as I try to communicate with them in Arabic. I’ve been with them for 1 day so far and they’ve been very welcoming.

When I graduate, I plan on working for the U.S. government. I’m majoring in Global Security and Intelligence Studies and I hope to work somewhere in the U.S. foreign policy apparatus. I’ve always been interested in history and international affairs. I joined the U.S. army when I graduated high school and I want to continue to be a part of the U.S. government. Coming to Jordan has given me the opportunity to not only learn an important language, but to also broaden my understanding of the region. I’ve been able to develop a more nuanced understanding of the region and its people. I still have a significant amount to learn and I’m very excited for the opportunity this summer will provide me with.