Weeks 5 & 6: Study Abroad With Me In Florence



It’s been about 6 weeks into my 7-week program abroad here in Florence, Italy. As I’m heading towards the end of my trip I can’t help but feel extremely grateful for being able to participate in this program. I was just starting to feel more confident going out on my own and feeling more comfortable around Florence! I have had the opportunity to visit Rome, Milan, Verona, and Venice in the last couple of weeks and I do have to say that Venice has been my favorite city so far :). In Rome, I visited the Colosseum and shopped around. In Milan, I visited the Starbucks Reserve and shopped at local markets. In Verona, I ate a wonderful dinner, wandered, and spent a night. In Venice, I strolled around and rode a gondola! In the photos below there is a picture of one of my favorite dishes in Italy so far and there’s one of me on Palatine Hill in Rome :).

As far as the update, I do have to admit that during weeks 5 and 6 I have been feeling a lot more homesick. I’m looking at the things my friends and family are doing back home and have moments where I feel like I’m missing out. It isn’t easy to deal with these feelings while also remembering that I have an opportunity that many people don’t have. Although it can be upsetting to miss home, I try to make myself feel better by calling and texting my sister and my mom and eating some of my favorite meals, gorgonzola gnocchi, and pizza! It’s been an adjustment and I believe that this was just part of my trip where everything started settling in and school started to get more difficult so everything felt more intense. I just have to remind myself that this time is going to be finished before I know it so I need to just breathe and take advantage of this wonderful time. I made it through midterms and now I’m heading into finals.

Wish me luck!

Melany Chavez