Week two of my study abroad program-Queretaro, Mexico


The second week has been very rewarding. I feel more settled and used to my new environment. The Spanish classes have been very wonderful. I feel like I have made a big step forward in my spoken language. This is my first immersion program, and I agree that it is very effective. I have been able to find my way around without any translator like going shopping or eating out alone. The culture and the history of this beautiful country have also not been left behind. Last weekend, me and my fellow Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) cohort spent the weekend in Guanajuato. It was a very enriching experience in terms of culture and history.

We visited the “Museo de Las Momias” ( Museum of the Mummies), the Valencia Mines, and the house of Diego Rivera and Frida Carlos “Museo Casa”. It has been a lot of fun, knowledge acquisition and a lot of unique experience.




During the week, I taught English at the Center for Spanish Language and Culture aka OLE and I observed lessons at local universities, primary and secondary schools. I am on my third week now. Time is running out so fast. It has been good so far. Thanks to the Fund for Education Abroad.