Week 9 in Seoul, South Korea


Hello, this week I am back with my class updates and some of the interesting things I have done this week. To start off my week was very busy as usual. I knew computer science and Korean language class would be very difficult and I tried my best to prepare for it, however it was not enough. Although it is very difficult, I am enjoying it. Let’s start off with what I am learning in Korean class.

In my Korean class, I had to prepare for a vocabulary quiz that we would be having on Thursday the 16th. Also, we began to learn about location and combined that with our vocabulary which was very fun but difficult and took a lot of studying to understand. On top of learning about location I of course had to study for my vocabulary quiz which was coming the 16th. We were learning a lot of vocabulary which only some would be on the quiz so it was a little confusing. Usually for class we work for about 50 minutes then take a short 10 minute break and then return for another 50 minutes. We took our quiz the second part of class and I did very well on it!

Now for computer science it almost feels like the opposite. Although I am studying every day after class there are so many parts that confuse me. I am going to meet with a teacher’s assistant this week and ask some more questions about what I am not understanding completely. This is honestly what I really enjoy about computer science though. It is so difficult and hard to understand but I love the constant challenge it brings me. Because once I figure out how to solve the problems I am facing, it will be so rewarding.

This past week from the 20th-22nd, we were out of class for the Korean holiday Chuseok. However, I still had to attend my pre-modern history class and go to our discussion session on Wednesday. Sadly, I also had to use these days off in order to work on homework and assignments. On Thursday I found out that I will be having another Korean vocabular quiz on the 30th which I am already preparing for. I will also be meeting the teacher’s assistant this week in order to discuss what I am struggling on.

Although it is not too exciting, my week has been very busy and I am working harder than ever. This weekend I plan to meet up with a friend and we are going to visit different stores and shops and I am so excited! Since school has started, I have been so busy and have not been able to make much time even on weekends. Next week I will be back with an update about how my classes and weekend went!