Week 9 | Beginning to Wrap Up







As I am now in the final couple of weeks of my virtual internship, I am mainly considering the projects that I started and the ones that I planned to work on. I’ve spent a good amount of my time finishing up ongoing projects, specifically developing pedagogical materials. At this point I am also referencing all of my previous notes (which I am glad I kept) to confirm what project goals were and to ensure that they were met. Given the limited time, I will not be able to see every project through, such as developing more content (e.g., blogs) for the business website. Unfortunately, my supervisor has been extremely busy which has resulted in deadlines being pushed back, meaning that I have had to remap timelines for completing tasks. Although it is unfortunate, it is also a beneficial learning experience considering the fact that collaborating with other team members in a workplace will require flexibility and consideration of others’ time. For projects I planned on completing but will not be able to, due to time, I am creating generic outlines along with sufficient notes in case the business would like to still implement the ideas. I am also looking ahead (after my internship is over) and developing content ideas based on future events. Essentially, I am tying up all loose ends and laying the foundation for work beyond my time as an intern, so that someone else can continue the work I have started.

It has been a challenge balancing everything going on in my life, but I feel as though I have adapted well through obstacles and found what works best for me. This virtual internship has been a great opportunity to develop skills for working collaboratively in a remote environment, and I have no doubt that these skills will transfer well even when working in-person.

Check the FEA website next week for more final blog!