Week 8 in Seoul, South Korea




Hello I am back with another week of my life in Seoul, South Korea. It is now my 8th week in South Korea and I just finished my second week of school. This week classes really began to pick up the pace and I have started to find nice times during the week to study. This was also the week I applied for my Alien Registration Card

The week started off really relaxing. I had my normal classes Monday and I studied for a few hours after. Specifically, right after my computer science class I studied for two hours before I had Korean language class. My favorite class by far is my Korean language class. I have two professors, one on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and another one on Tuesday and Thursday. Everyday after class, I feel like there is so much I learned and so much I can study!

Tuesday I only have my Korean class, so I used this day to start applying for my Alien Registration Card and to study Korean. Since I am staying in an AIRBNB the process to apply for the card was a little more difficult but still pretty straight forward. Wednesday I completed the application and sent it in, and that was it! Wednesday I also had the same three classes I had Monday. My friends and I also went for a walk and ate at a restaurant that night to clear our minds of school and studying! Thursday I just relaxed and studied a lot because I was confused about some of the lecture points on Wednesday during my computer science class. I was also having issues with my computer and it would not let me work on the assignment that was due for that class. Friday came around and my computer started to work just to have issues again with the assignment that I was working on for computer science. I decided to message the TA for help. Other than that, my Friday was very relaxing.

This only being my second week of classes, I feel like the real studying and preparing is just beginning. I am excited but also very stressed out for the rest of the semester. Not too much happened this week except for a lot of studying and learning! I cannot wait to return for week 9 about my life in Seoul!