Week 7




Hi there,

This week totaaally flew by. The weather was so awesome and I was out and about most of the time. Monday through Friday- the weather was at least 70 degrees and as I mentioned before, this is a really big deal! This whole week (from Mon – Fri), I biked 8 miles to and from class each day, so that is a total of 40 miles! This is so crazy to think about because I’m really not used to biking so much. Back at my home university, I probably biked less than a mile a day.

I have good news for you this week! I have landed on a part-time job at Urban Outfitters ? I just have to wait a few weeks before starting because of my CPR number. I am actually really exited to work because of the opportunity to meet new people (since Urban hires a lot of internationals), and obviously the extra cash that I’ll be getting monthly ? To be honest with you, this is more than just a job to me- I feel like it’ll make me feel more at home and get me into a routine. Aside from this opportunity, I am reached out to a few volunteering organizations so hopefully that works out well and I hear back soon.

What is the coolest thing I’ve done this week?

I went to a design museum called Design Museum Danmark! It offers free entrance to adults under the age of 26- you just have to bring your ID. Even though I am not the art-siest person, I enjoyed it nonetheless. The museum has a wide variety of exhibitions ranging from fashion, fabric, furniture and much more! If you visit Copenhagen, I would recommend this museum- especially if you are under 26 ? Because free is always good. Also, if you enjoy browsing through IKEA, you will probably like this museum. It is similar to IKEA, but ten times cooler. Here are some pictures so you won’t think I’m a liar.





So that’s how my week went! I’ll talk to you again soon.

Hej hej!