Week 7 in Seoul, South Korea




The weeks just keep getting crazier and crazier. This week I had to move AIRBNB’s again, during my first week of classes. I also read a syllabus wrong which resulted in me scheduling things wrong for the week.

So to start this week off, my friends and I decided to file a complaint to our AIRBNB host. The day we entered our AIRBNB we noticed that cleaning had not been done even though we were charged a cleaning fee. We also noticed that the pictures were different from what was shown on the website. My friends and I discussed and felt it would be better to apply for a refund for our first month and move to a new location.​​ There were so many inconveniences, but I will definitely miss the location of this AIRBNB and everything you could see (Image 1). We found a new place located in Mapo-gu and decided to move on Wednesday.

Now while all this was happening, we also had school. Monday I had my pre-modern history which is pre-recorded for the first two weeks. It was definitely very interesting, and we are only being introduced to the course! I also had my computer science class which was very straight-forward and interesting. It is definitely different from what I am used to because there are so many more students (100+) and also the grading system. I am used to my coding for computer science being graded based on correctness and partial points. Here it is leaned more towards the correctness of the problem.

Monday I also found out my level in Korean. Just as I expected I landed in level 1 and would start class on Tuesday. Although level 1 is the lowest you can get, it moves so fast. The first few days we learned the whole alphabet and we have already began to learn about grammar and vocab. Since I have Korean class everyday, I know I will learn so much!

Wednesday was moving day and my friends and I moved after all our classes. We had packed the night before so we were prepared. It was long and difficult but we made it to our new destination in Mapo-gu! I can already tell I will love this location more than the other because of the abundance of restaurants, cafes, and markets. Thursday was relaxing since I only had my Korean class. I also unpacked and set up my room the way I needed it. I am expecting this week to be a lot more engaging and challenging as we are starting to dive deeper into our units for our classes. Next week my first assignment for computer science is due, and also I have homework and a quiz in my Korean class. I am so excited and cannot wait to learn more!