Week 4




Monday – I went to the infection control department of the hospital. I had a tour of the cleaning supply facility. I examined carefully with a public health worker through every process of the cleaning and disinfecting process. The public health worker and I went through the process from the moment the medical supplies leaves the room to when the supplies are packaged and ready to use in exam and surgery rooms. The review process is to make sure that the supplies are cleaned and disinfected for patients and doctors’ safety. It is also used to monitor that the workers are doing their role properly. There was a H5N1 influenza outbreak, and we talked about informing to hospital staff and patients through brochures and power point presentation.

Tuesday – I went with a public health worker to examine and monitor hand washing techniques in the surgeries room. We went to random surgery rooms to evaluate hand washing techniques with a checklist. The checklist for correct surgical hand scrubbing was established and adapted through World Health Organization guidelines. We collected data with the checklist to see if everyone meets the protocols. One of the technician used the old method of hand scrubbing. However, the hospital has adapted the new hand washing techniques. That specific data collection was not used for analysis. I helped participants fill out the questionnaire for donating blood. I also measured participants blood pressure and weight.

Wednesday – I did data entry for the day. I submitted the survey data to the health department. The survey was about patient satisfaction who stays in the hospital more than 2 days. The survey results were on paper, and I had to go through the survey and input the results in the web database. While looking at the survey, some of the questions were left blank. I had to see what they put on a 5 point likert scale for the rest of the questions and deduct what they would put for the blank question. The database did not let me submit a survey results with an unanswered question. I compare the results to other findings for significant trend. To avoid unanswered question in future study, I suggested that they should have a designated person to check over the responses right there when the patient gives back the survey and ask the patient to answer any questions that are blank. For surveys that have unanswered questions that were not on a 5 point likert scale, results for that survey had to be omitted.

Thursday – I helped with the hand-make fundraising event. The quality management department was making cup coaster to sell at the event. I helped with sewing the cup coaster and gave ideas to decorate the table. The fundraising theme was family, and the fund goes toward improvement for the hospital. Later in the day, I looked over the template that doctors use in surgeries room for patient safety. The checklist is for surgeons to follow to make sure it is the correct patient and correct diagnosis.

Friday – I got a tour to the pharmacy department. The public health worker showed me how the medications were organized and stored. The hospital uses the 5S model to organize their cabinet. The temperature and pressure at the storage room needed to be checked everyday to make sure that the medication is in good conditions and in the proper temperature and pressure. The public health worker and I went to check the Fall Prevention Program at the hospital. We looked for cautious signs near the stair steps and any place that were recently swept by the cleaning attendant. We also looked for taping on the floor for designated area for medical stands.