Week 4 – Shanghai and I





I was excited for Shanghai. I heard it was modern, beautiful, and different. However, my expectations were once exceeded. Finally taking a nice hot shower with great water pressure at the Ramada was a perfect was to start off the weekend in Shanghai. The skyline was incredible. I felt as though I was in a movie since most movies always portrays Shanghai’s skyline. We danced, laughed, and explored. Our group attracted so much attention that the whole bridge stopped and stared at us while we all sang random songs. It was an experience that made a great trip turn into an amazing trip. The cruise was one of the most rejuvenating things ever.  As the boat glazed over the infamous waters, I just stopped and took it all in. The view was beyond anything imagined. It was gorgeous. The skyline lit up like fireworks yet the water was so graceful. Shanghai’s beauty shined through the night sky. It was an incredible sight. After the cruise, we traveled up thousands of miles into the air – into the Oriental Pearl Tower. I had always been fearful of heights; however, my goal by the end of this year is to get rid of this fear forever. I pushed myself to go all the way up the tower and eventually I gained enough motivation to step on the glass sightseeing panel. It was insane seeing myself stand over the wonderful city of Shanghai. Words cannot describe the beauty of this movement. This trip has convinced me that I have to visit Shanghai again one day.